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Steps to delete a template

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Sometimes even your template library needs spring cleaning. If there are templates that you no longer use, you can remove those templates from Fellow by following these steps for deletion.

Note: if you just want to remove a template from a specific note, we have instructions on that too

Steps for deleting a template completely

  1. Navigate to the Templates section by clicking on your face/company logo

  2. Hover over the template you would like to delete and click on the three dot drop down. Then choose Delete template.

  3. You will then see a confirmation page. If you are sure you want to delete this template, press yes to confirm,

Steps for removing a template from a specific meeting

  1. Visit that meeting note via the Meetings Section (the calendar icon on the left hand side)

  2. Click into the note you're looking to remove the template from then click on the lightning bolt icon

  3. Toggle over to the template tab then press remove

  4. Once the template is successfully removed, your meeting settings will look like this

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