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Take notes during your MS Teams video call
Take notes during your MS Teams video call

Write your notes in the same window as your video call.

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It can sometimes be hard juggling tabs before a video call. There is the window with the call itself, then one with the notes, and maybe even a bunch of other open tabs that you have open.

But with our MS Teams app, you'll be able to cut down on those windows and tabs and have your notes embedded in your video call.

Here is a step by step guide to help you get set-up:

1. Visit your calendar in MS Teams. Click on the event --> Chat with participants

This will open up a chat related to that specific meeting.

2. Click on the plus button to add another tab. Choose Fellow and sign in to your Fellow account

3. Confirm which Fellow note should be attached to this meeting

By clicking on the Fellow tab you will be able to see the notes for that meeting. And contribute to them just like you would in Fellow itself.

4. Click "Join" then click on the Fellow icon at the top of the video call.

This will open up the related Fellow notes, meaning that you don't have to juggle notes across multiple windows.

And that's it! You'll need to do this for every meeting where you would like to have these notes embedded. For recurring meetings, you'll just need to that once

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