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What is Fellow's Zoom App?

With Fellow's Zoom App, you can collaborate on meeting agendas, record decisions, and keep your team accountable - without leaving your Zoom call. Fellow's Zoom App brings your notes into a convenient panel right in your video calls. This means, that you won't need to juggle multiple windows/tabs. Instead, just join your Zoom call and your Fellow notes will be there!

How to install Fellow's Zoom App

Note: You may need to update your Zoom App to the latest version first

Method 1: Visit the Zoom App marketplace within the Zoom client. Apps are available to install in the "Apps" navigation item at the top of the client, and from the "Apps" item in the bottom navigation bar during meetings. Search for "Fellow", and click "Install".

Method 2: In Zoom's App Marketplace in the browser, search for "Fellow" and click on the marketplace listing. An "Install" button will be available in the top right corner of the page, which will kick off the authorization flow to install the app.

Whichever method you choose, the first step to installing the app is to grant Fellow authorization to some basic data on your Zoom account. You'll see a screen in your browser like this one, and authorizing access will install Fellow's app into your Zoom client.

Once the app has been installed in your Zoom client, you're ready to connect your Fellow account! You'll be prompted to either create a Fellow account or log in. Clicking the "Create a Fellow account" button will kick off the process in the browser for a full onboarding experience, and you can come back to the app when you're ready to sign in.

If you clicked the "Create a Fellow account" button, the app will update to show the following. After clicking the "I created my account" button (or the "Log in" button on the first screen if relevant), the same login options as would appear in the browser will become available here.

Once you have signed in to Fellow, you will remain logged in to the app. If you want to use a different workspace in the Zoom client, you will need to follow the Uninstall instructions found later in this article: your Fellow account can only be connected to a single Zoom account at a time.

How to use Fellow's Zoom App

Now that you've installed Fellow's Zoom App and have signed in to Fellow, you're ready to get started with the fun!

To use Fellow's Zoom App while you're in a meeting, locate the "Apps" item in the bottom navigation bar. A tray will appear with Fellow, click it to pop open the app tab in the call.

When the Zoom App loads in the meetings side panel, one of three things may happen:

  1. If you haven't yet signed in to Fellow, you will be prompted to do so before continuing.

  2. If your GSuite or Office365 calendar has the current Zoom meeting URL in the "video call" field and the calendar event is scheduled for approximately the current time, the relevant note for the meeting will open automatically so you don't need to lose focus on your teammates!

  3. If the Zoom meeting you're in is not tied to a particular calendar event, you'll see a calendar view of the current day. From here you'll be able to quickly create a new meeting note, or select any meeting notes or note series to take notes.

Image below: a view of a note in the side panel. Notes in Zoom Apps are fully editable just as they are in the browser.

Image below: the main calendar view in the video call panel. From here you can click into any event to take notes, click-n-drag to create a new custom event, or use the quick "Start a new meeting" button at the top of the panel to automatically drop into a new note while creating a calendar event behind the scenes -- so you don't lose track of your notes throughout the day on calls.

Zoom Apps have a few features specific to the platform too! Above the panel in video calls you'll see two buttons: a blue "Share" button which allows you to share the content of the panel with those on the call (as a "Screen Share"), and a blue "Send App" button which sends invitations to those on the call to install the app. When you send an invitation to use the Fellow Zoom App on a call and a meeting note is open, Fellow will automatically whether there are participants that should be added to the Note series, like below.

Authorizing to update Zoom

Whenever there's an update on Fellow's Zoom app, new permissions have to be granted to Fellow in order to work properly. At this time, you will need to click the update button here, or follow the notification showing that the app has an update available, to avoid any issues.

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