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Supercharge your Personal Workspace
Supercharge your Personal Workspace

Tips and tricks to run a successful Personal workspace

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For Students

Fellow is a great place for students to take class notes and organize your to-dos.

If you input your class schedule into your personal calendar as recurring events, you can use Fellow to take class notes week-over-week. Keep your notes organized by class date, collaborate with classmates and create action items to manage your classwork!


If you invite classmates to your class calendar events and Fellow, you will also be able to collaborate on class notes together in real time - you won't miss a thing, even if you can't make it to class.

You can have up to 10 users on Fellow's free plan, which is perfect for any student budget! Upgrade your account to enable due dates on action items and unlimited note history to review your entire semester. Learn more about our free plan and pricing here.

Stay Organized

Easily attach images or videos (i.e. whiteboard pictures and class recordings) and attach documents like a copy of your professor's slide deck to keep all of your class information in one place.

For Solo Businesses/Consultants/Freelancers

Fellow's personal workspace is a great place for small businesses that do not yet own a domain name, Google Workspace (formerly GSuite), or Office 365 account.


You can invite other users to collaborate in your workspace so long as they also have a personal email account.

Stay Organized

Organize your meetings and action items, keep track of your personal and business goals, and track the evolution of your business using Fellow's personal and meeting note series.

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