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Creating a workspace using a personal email account

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Fellow supports signing up with your personal email account, as long as your email provider is Google or Microsoft/Office. Email addresses ending in, or are personal emails, and you can use yours to sign up for a Personal Workspace.

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Personal Workspaces differ from regular workspaces in that they're not linked to a specific organization or email domain. Therefore, there are some limitations to Personal workspaces:

  • No self-signup: You'll need to invite users manually to your personal workspace. Here is how you can add or manage users

  • No guest users: All members of your workspace are considered full users

  • No work calendar integration: You won't be able to connect to your work calendar (only your personal one)

For this reason, we strongly encourage you to signup with your work email if your provider is Google Workspaces (formerly GSuite)/Office365.

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