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Assign Clear Action Items For Follow-Ups
Assign Clear Action Items For Follow-Ups

During a meeting, add action items so team members know what to do next

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Have you ever left a meeting and had no idea what to do next? Likely, you're not the only one.

If you want your meetings to be productive, you need to view the meeting as a productive work session. This means ending every meeting with clear action items and follow-up. This way, when everyone leaves the meeting, they can dive straight into their task list with clarity.

Here are some of our Action Item Pro Tips:

1. Write action items like a pro by starting with a verb and being specific

Plus write the action items as the meeting evolves to prevent forgetting the details or the task itself.

For example - notice the difference between the first action item and the second

2. Increase accountability by assigning action items to team members

This way you can assign ownership of the task and make your meetings more effective. In the meeting note, you'll be able to assign action items to any of the attendees

In Fellow, you can do this two ways.

1 - use the @ symbol to tag the team member in the action item

2- select the assignee from the drop down

And (as a bonus), by clicking on the action item tab in the meeting, you'll be able to see a compilation of current and past action items. Which is a great way to see who is consistently checking of action items, and who is not.

3. Keep it timely by adding due dates

Ensure that action items are done in a timely manner by adding due dates. This is also a great way to generate progress between meetings.

4.Carry forward incomplete action items to the next meeting

Pro tip: Follow up on incomplete action items at the beginning of each of your recurring meetings. This is a great way to boost your team’s overall productivity and hold everyone accountable.

Plus you can automate this by selecting the "Carry forward incomplete action items" in your settings. You can access this through the lightning bolt icon in your meeting > carry-forward.

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