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Hide Calendar Events in Fellow
Hide Calendar Events in Fellow

How to remove some events from your calendar in Fellow

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Sometimes there are events in your calendar that you don't need to see in Fellow. Maybe it's a way to block off time or maybe a personal event.

Either way, there is now the option to hide this event from your Fellow calendar.

To do this, first hover over the calendar event in the meetings section and click on the three dots, then select "Hide Event"

If you select this option, a confirmation message will appear:

After clicking "Ok", press the manual refresh button at the bottom of the calendar view. You should then see this change reflected on your calendar.

If you want to see these meetings again, you click on the three dots at the top of the meeting section and clicking on the check-box to show Hidden meetings.

Fellow also has additional filtering options such as showing (or not showing) personal events, all day events, focus time, etc. Learn more here

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