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Filter which events appear in your Fellow calendar
Filter which events appear in your Fellow calendar

Edit which events are visible in your Fellow calendar

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Some events in your calendar might not necessarily need to be visible in your Fellow calendar. With event filtering, you can customize which types events are visible in your Fellow calendar.

In this article we'll cover the following topics:

What is event filtering?

Event filtering enables each user to choose which types of calendar events are shown in Fellow. Calendar events that show in your Fellow calendar will be synced to meetings notes.

However, this doesn't mean that all events that show up in your Google or Microsoft 365 calendar should appear in Fellow. For example, you can use event filtering to not show events such as "Lunch", "Busy", "Out of Office", etc. This lets you eliminate some of the noise and only focus on the meetings or events that benefit from meeting agendas and notes.

Event filters are not permanent though and can be changed/checked/unchecked as needed.

Where can I turn these filters on/off?

There are two ways to enable/disable these filters

*Note: The filtering options are different depending if you have a Microsoft 365 or Google calendar connected so the screenshots below might not be an exact match for what you see in your Fellow account - but it's all good! We'll discuss these differences in the section below.

In the Meetings panel

1) Click on the three dots in the upper right hand corner of the meeting's panel

2) Then click into View settings. Here you will see a bunch of checkboxes. Check the filters that you would like to enable, and uncheck the filters that you would like to turn off.

3) If you would like to filter meetings by keyword (explained below), click on Filter meetings by keyword

Then enter keywords that appear in events that you want to hide. For example, enter the word "Lunch" to hide all events that have that "Lunch" in the title. You can enter multiple words separated by commas (,).

In Calendar Settings

1) Open User Settings

2) Click on Preferences and scroll to the "Meeting visibility" section. Here you will be able to check/uncheck the filters.

4) You are also able to enter any keywords for custom event filtering.

Types of filters

There are various types of calendar events that can get synced into Fellow. Below we'll discuss the filtering options and what these calendar events look like in your Google or Office calendar. Hopefully this helps explain the exact type of settings/events that we are referring to for each filter.

Cancelled meetings

Meetings that have been cancelled or deleted by the organizer. However, there might still be meeting notes associated with them.

Hidden meetings

Meetings that have previously been hidden via the "Hide event in Fellow" option

Declined meetings (Google Only)

Meetings where you've responded with "No" and have declined the meeting.

All-day events

Events that have been marked as all-day or have a duration from midnight to midnight in your calendar provider

Personal events

Calendar events where you are the only attendee on the event.

"Out of office" events (Google Only)

Events that have been designated "Out of Office" in your calendar provider

"Focus time" events (Google Only)

Events that have been designated "Focus" in your calendar provider

"Away" events (Microsoft Only)

Event that have been marked as “Away” in Outlook or “Out of office” in Teams

Meetings containing specific keywords (ex. Block, Busy, Lunch, etc. )

Events or meetings that contain specific keywords in the title will be filtered out of your calendar.

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