General settings 

These are the basic settings for your organization's account - the name of your workspace, your logo, and what domains are linked to your account.
If you would like to edit your company name or logo, you can do that here.
If you would like to add a configured domain to your account, please email

Manage Users

As an admin, you can add new users, deactivate users, and update user information. Learn more about these capabilities here. 


Here you will see what your account is integrated with (such as GSuite to sync managerial relationships)


These are templates that will be available to everyone in your account for their 1-on-1's, Priorities, and general documents. 

Use the vertical '...' button to disable and delete templates and to set them as a default. (You'll have to hover over the template card). 

To edit, just click on the template.

Add new company wide templates

Click 'Create new template' in the top right corner. 

Select the type of template that you would like to create (Meetings, 1-on-1s, Personal, Priorities)

Then start adding to your template - you can add talking points, action items, Headers, and more!

Once you have created your template, click 'Save Template'

Plans & Billing

This is the overview of your billing information. You can see what your plan is, how many active users are on your account, and how much you are being billed. You can also update the account credit card information, upgrade or downgrade your account, and see a complete billing history.

Full details about how Billing works can be found here.  

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