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Anonymize Your 360 Feedback
Anonymize Your 360 Feedback

How to anonymize your 360 feedback responses

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Use Case:

This is a great method for managers and team leads who need to share 360 feedback with their direct reports but prefer to keep the respondents anonymous.

Let's say that Sasha's manager requested feedback about her and sent the request to the users indicated in the chart below. Once Sasha herself, her peers, direct reports, and her own manager have completed this request the results will go back to whoever sent out the feedback request, which in this case is her manager.

If Sasha's manager wanted to share the feedback provided with her, they can follow the steps below to anonymize the responses.

How to: Anonymize 360 Feedback Responses

  1. Once you have all responses from your 360 Feedback request, you can begin compiling them via copy + paste into outbound feedback using the 'Give feedback' function.

  2. Make sure to remove any names or details indicating who provided the feedback. Some users may also wish to rephrase the feedback to further anonymize the content or use a platform like ChatGPT to rephrase it for you.

  3. Once you have reviewed the feedback to ensure everything is anonymous, you can go ahead and click "preview and send".


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