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Suggested Topics for Meetings and 1-on-1s
Suggested Topics for Meetings and 1-on-1s

Add suggested talking points to your 1-on-1 and team meetings. There are two types of suggested topics: AI-generated and expert-approved

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Fellow's here to help facilitate great meeting discussions with Suggested Topics that appear on the right hand side of the note.

What are Suggested Topics?

There are two types of suggested topics:

  1. If you have a reporting relationship with someone (manager-direct report), then you will see "Suggested Topics". These are pulled from our database of expert-approved 1-on-1 questions that can help facilitate meaningful 1-on1 discussions.

  2. For all other meetings, there are AI generated suggested topics based on the name of your meeting and previous talking points in that note serie.

    Note: These AI generated suggested topics are currently a beta feature so this feature may not be available on your workspace. Please contact the support team for more information

Adding Suggested Topics to agenda

If you would like to add one of the suggested topics, you'll just need to click on that topic. It will then be added to your agenda.

Once it's in the agenda, the suggested topic works like any other talking points - you can move it around, edit the text, and change who it is assigned to.

Don't like what's suggested? Refresh for more options

Click on the refresh icon in the top right hand corner for a more options.

Don't see Suggested Topics?

You may need to ask your workspace administrator to enable AI Features on your workspace.

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