Setting Up Employee Guidance

Step by step guide to setting up an employee guidance topic to share with your team

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In order to access Employee Guidance, you will need to be an account administrator on an Enterprise plan. Employee Guidance can be helpful if, for example, your CEO, HR, or other members of the leadership team want to encourage conversation around a company-wide initiative.

On the Enterprise plan, you will be able to find Employee Guidance under Workspace Settings

Here you'll be able to see an inbox of sorts for previous topics, drafts, and any that are live.

If you would like to create a New Topic, there is a button to do so in the upper right hand corner.

This will then provide a blank form to fill out.

Here you'll be able to choose you would like the topic to display to: Managers, Direct Reports, or Everyone (Managers and direct reports)

You'll also need to set a start date to set your Employee Guidance live and an end date to turn it off.

When you are happy with what you've enter, click "Set Live". You will see this confirmation card.

Don't worry - you'll be able to Pause and Edit the guidance.

When your employee guidance goes live, this is what it will look like to your team.

*Note: Employee Guidance is a feature available on our Business and Enterprise Plans

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