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Enable AI features on your workspace
Enable AI features on your workspace

How to set up the AI-powered features

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Note: Workspace admins will be notified via email to let them know that these features are available on their workspace.

In order to try out the AI functionality needs to be enabled by a Fellow workspace admin via Workspace Settings.


  1. First, click on your avatar in the upper left hand corner. Then select Workspace settings

  2. Select General from the list of Workspace Settings.

  3. Scroll down to the Artificial Intelligence section. Turn on the toggle - it will appear green once turned on.

If you previously enabled AI before Fellow's AI Meeting Copilot launched, you may need to enable it separately:

That's it!

Once both settings are enabled, users in your workspace will be able to use these AI features (AI suggested topics, the agenda builder and the AI Meeting Copilot) for meetings and 1-on-1s.

You can confirm that these features are all set up by visiting a meeting - the AI suggested topics will be visible in the upper right hand corner, while the agenda builder can be found under the three dot drop down at the top of the note.

If you'd like to disable the AI features at a later date, you are able to do this from your workspace settings (just like how they would have been enabled). Disabling these features would not delete any information, it will only prevent the future usage of these features.

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