Fellow Opening on an Old Meeting Note

Troubleshooting Fellow opening on an older meeting note

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Has Fellow been opening on the same outdated note for you recently? If the answer is yes, it could be because you're accessing Fellow through a bookmark that is saved on that page with the outdated note.

In this case, you can remove the current bookmark and instead bookmark a generic page in Fellow like the "Action Items" page.

Another option would be bookmarking your workspace's URL on the meetings page to always be brought to today's meetings. To do that, click on a meeting in Fellow and remove all the text that comes after the /meetings/ part in the URL. Your URL should look something like myworkspace.fellow.app/meetings/ once the text is removed.

Accessing Fellow through this bookmarked URL will always bring you to your most recent meetings where you will be prompted to select a meeting from the side panel to start collaborating.

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