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What does the badge mean? And how can you earn one?

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At Fellow, we're all about celebrating meeting productivity! Part of that, is with monthly and quarter most active user badges!

What does the badge mean?

The top user badge means just that - that you are in the top 1% of Fellow users. At the end of each quarter and month we calculate usage metrics and calculate who the top 1% are across our whole user base.

It's pretty special!

This badge will appear on your avatar for every meeting that you attend, and will show up at the top of the navigation bar. There are also a few perks that come along with the badge, but I won't spoil them ๐Ÿค

How does someone earn a badge?

It's kind of a secret, but these are the things that I can share:

  1. You'll need to have been using Fellow for the entire period. Basically this just means that if you sign-up for Fellow in the middle of a month, you won't be eligible for the top user badge for that month.

  2. The best way to earn the badge is to attend your scheduled meetings live with our apps/extensions, add to the agenda, and make sure that you complete your assigned action items :)

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