Export a CSV list of users in your workspace

Generate and export a list of all the users in your Fellow workspace

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Quickly generate a list of users in your workspace by exporting this as a CSV. This is great for reviewing users, or preparing for a larger import/disabling of users using our bulk upload feature.

Note: You will need to be a workspace administrator on the Pro, Business, or Enterprise plan to take advantage of this feature.


  1. Visit Workspace settings --> Manage users

  2. Click on More actions in the upper right hand corner and select Export CSV of all users

  3. You will then see a pop-up like this. By default, guest users and deactivated users will not be included. To include them in the export, check off one or both boxes at the bottom of the modal.

  4. Click Export CSV

  5. You will then see a notification to confirm that your CSV file has been exported and downloaded.

  6. You can then import the CSV file into the tool of your choice

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