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How to share your Fellow meeting notes in Microsoft Teams

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Meeting notes are most impactful when they are shared with the right people in a place where those people can easily access them. If your team uses Microsoft Teams, then Microsoft Teams is a great place to send and share those meeting notes!

The first part of sharing meeting notes in teams is to take effective meeting notes during the meeting. This can be done directly in Fellow or via Fellow's Microsoft Teams integration that opens right in your video call. (Learn more about our integration here)

How to share your Fellow meeting notes in Teams

  1. Open your Fellow meeting notes

  2. Click on the Send notes button in the upper right hand corner of the note.

  3. Select Send via Teams. If this is your first time sending notes to Teams, you might be prompted to sign into your Teams account.

  4. Then choose where (or to whom) you wold like to send the notes. Note: if your team is not on the list please make sure that Fellow is added there first

  5. Add in any additional notes in the Custom Teams message section.

  6. Click Send. When you click Send, those notes will be sent to that Teams channel and appear something like this:

That's it - Your meeting notes are now shared in Teams!

How to share your Fellow meeting notes via email

  1. If you are using Fellow's Microsoft Teams integration, you can easily send the notes via email by pressing the send icon (looks like a paper airplane - circled on the image below). Then choosing Send via email

  2. Your notes have been sent without you even having to leave your video call!

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