Add a Note Series Purpose

How to add a purpose to a note series

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The purpose of a note series might not be obvious just from the title. As a meeting organizer, it can be helpful to clearly convey what the note series is about by describing the purpose within the note settings.


Add a Meeting Note Purpose for the first time

  1. Visit the note series that you would like to have a description. If there hasn't been a purpose added yet, you will see the Add description in the header. Click on Add a purpose

  2. This will open up a modal. Type in the note purpose then press Save & Close.

  3. You will then see the note purpose beside the note header.

Edit an Existing Description

  1. If the note series already has a description and you would like to edit it, you can do so by clicking on lighting bolt ⚑️ in the upper right hand corner, or by clicking the note purpose itself.

  2. Then click on note details and click on the pencil icon (πŸ–‹) next to the description to make any edits.

  3. Press save & close, and there you have it!

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