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Sync Multiple Calendars
Sync Multiple Calendars

View events from multiple calendars within Fellow

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It's common to have events spread out over more than one calendar. If this is the case for you, Fellow can sync events from each of these calendars. Meaning that you can take notes for each of these events within Fellow.

Here are some instructions to get that set-up:

But first check that the calendar you want to sync is able to be synced with Fellow. Check out this article for all the specifics.

1. Navigate to User Settings --> Calendars

2. Select which calendars you would like to show in Fellow.

Check/uncheck the boxes corresponding to the calendars (and its events) that you would like to see in Fellow.

If the calendar that you are looking for doesn't show up in the list, try the "Refresh list" button. If it still doesn't show up, check the criteria for a calendar to be synced with Fellow then contact support if you have further questions.

3. View your Fellow calendar by clicking on the meetings section in Fellow.

The border of each event corresponds to the color of the calendar that it is apart of. This colour will be determined by the calendar color in Google/Office.

NOTE: These calendars will still only be visible to you within Fellow. If someone else has access to that Google/Office calendar, they'll have the option to sync that calendar within Fellow.

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