You can schedule/create a meeting straight in Fellow which will then show up on your Google/Office calendar.

This feature is meant to reduce the friction felt when trying to take notes for a basic meeting, and eliminates the need to flip back and forth between Fellow and your calendar and wait for a sync to happen.

To do so, click on the plus button at the top of the calendar in the Meetings section.

This will open a model where you can create basic events with titles, attendees, descriptions, etc, and even set basic recurrence rules (like “Repeats every Tuesday”)

Invitees will also receive invitations to these events.

If you have more than one calendar synced with Fellow, you'll also need to specify which calendar that new event should be apart of.

Once the event is created, you’ll automatically be redirected to the note for it, so that you can start planning out the agenda right away.

You'll see this even now on your Fellow calendar, and in your Google/Office calendar.

And that's it!

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