Right now, a lot of meetings have been happening virtually over video calls. If you use Google Meet, we've built Chrome and Firefox extensions that insert the relevant Fellow note overtop of the Google Meet call.

This will let you collaborate on meeting notes and record action items right in Google Meet. Check out this video to see the extension in action

Install on Google Chrome

Install on Firefox

This Fellow note/overlay is collapsible, moveable, and resizable. If you're in a meeting with a lot of people and you would like to see everyone's faces (and not cover them up), we suggest opening the chat feature, and moving the note into there.

This note is also fully editable, so you can type and format just like you would in the browser. This means that you don't need to have multiple tabs open on your computer to endlessly switch between. Or frantically open Fellow at the start of the meeting, trying to find the right note.

This will also insert either an "Open Meeting Agenda" or "Add Fellow to this meeting: button directly onto event dialogs within Google Calendar, which will act as a quick-link to start writing or reading notes.

Right now, private notes are hidden in the chrome extension. Let us know if this is something that you would like us to add!

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