Moving information between tools can be a bit of a hassle. But by adding Fellow's steps to your Slack workflow, you can automate tasks in Slack and send them to Fellow.

This can help automate routine processes - and no coding is required! [See examples below]

But first, in order to access these features you will need to have Fellow + Slack connected. If you are a Slack admin, you can navigate to Slack App Directory --> Fellow. And in Fellow go to User Settings --> Integrations to connect your user account.

How to create a new workflow

First, navigate to the Workflow Builder by clicking on the name or your organization/workspace --> Tools --> Workflow Builder

Note: you will need to use a workspace that is currently on Slack's Standard, Plus, or Enterprise Plans. Ask your Slack admin for more information

Press 'Create' in the upper right hand corner to get started

Or you can import an existing template, like the one here.

Select how you want your workflow to start. This could be when someone is added to a channel, or when a certain emoji is used, and many more things. But essentially this is the action that will trigger the workflow. (Check out Slack's help center for more information on these specific triggers)

Set up the specifics like what channel, what emoji, etc.

Once that is done, you can go ahead and add steps to your workflow

When you click "Add a step", you will see a couple of actions to choose.

We have a few Fellow specific steps like "Add a talking point", "Send editable notes to channel", "Add an action item to a stream", "Add user to a stream"

After you choose one of these steps, the journey is essentially up to you!

Fill out the forms as you go and let us know if you run into any roadblocks.

Examples of how to use the Workflow Steps

Emoji reaction --> Add action item to a note

For example, you might have a Slack channel specifically focused on bugs/customer issues. Sometimes these issues can be rather urgent and it's important for the person who created the post to know that someone has read it/acknowledged it/looking into this. A quick way to do this would be by using an emoji reaction like πŸ‘€ , πŸ’­, πŸ‘Œ, or βœ…. Even better is if this becomes an action item to follow-up on.

To build this follow these workflow steps, then customize by selecting "Emoji reaction" and adding a second step to "Add action item to Fellow"

New channel member --> Add to shared stream

When someone new joins your team, it can be hard to remember every place/list they need to be added to. So get two places off your list by combining them. Just by adding a team member to a Slack channel, you can remind someone to add them to the Shared Stream as well.

Specific Day or Time --> Add an action item to a stream

Action items aren't always one and done. Instead, there are some action items that repeat. This might be to fill out a weekly report, run a health check, or even to update metrics for your objectives and goals. You can use the Slack workflow builder to set up recurring action items in Fellow. (Full instructions can be found here)

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