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Set up recurring action items using the Slack Workflow Builder
Set up recurring action items using the Slack Workflow Builder

A step-by-step guide

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Action items aren't always one and done. Instead, some action items might need to be done on a recurring basis. This might be to fill out the weekly report, or to update your goals each month. Whatever these action items are, you can set up action items to be recurring in Fellow by using the Slack Workflow builder. (More about that here).

To simplify the set-up process, here are the specific steps that you'll need to do to get everything started.


1. In Slack, Navigate to Tools --> Workflow Builder

2. Click Create in the upper right hand corner. Then name your workflow

3. Decide how you would like the workflow to start. For creating recurring action items, select the Scheduled date & time option. This means that a certain date/time will trigger the next action.

4. Then set the date and time when you would like the action item to be added.

Specify the first date and time for this to happen. Then select the frequency.

For recurring action items, establishing the frequency is the most important part. This specifies how often action items will be added - weekly, monthly, etc.

5. Add the next workflow step

In this case, we've searched for Add an action item to a Note series.

6. Now it's all about where to add the action item

Choose the type of Note series that the action item will be added to.

This all depends on how you would like to use this feature. For example, select Private Note Series if you would like to add the action item as a reminder/to do on a private to do list. Or choose Meeting Note if it's something that belongs in a specific meeting.

7. Specify the name of the Note series, the assignee, and the contents of the action item.

In this example, "Fill out the weekly summary" will be added as an action item (and assigned to me) to my daily planner at the frequency I specified earlier.

8. If everything has gone smoothly, you should see a confirmation model. And that's it!

Note: if you run into any error messages along the way, please take a screenshot and reach out to us! The fastest way would be through the chat bubble

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