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Remove Notes (and Relationships)
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If a note series is no longer useful/relevant/outdated, you don't need to keep seeing it. Instead you can effectively hide 1-on-1s with a former direct report or file away old private/shared notes. Whatever the case, the mechanism works pretty much the same.


  1. Navigate to the note that you would like to archive.

  2. When the note is open, you will see an icon associated with the categories you have set for your home panel in the upper right corner of the note. Clicking on this will give you a few options including Remove from home panel

  3. Once removed, the note should disappear from your view


  1. Hover over the note in the home panel and click on the three dots at the end of the line.

  2. Choose Remove from home panel

This method works great for mass clean-up of your home panel.

So what happens when you remove from your home panel?

The note will then be removed from your home panel but will still exist. Once removed, this note can still be accessed via search.

NOTE: this will only remove the note for you, not everyone on the note series.

How to add a previously removed note back to your home panel


  1. First, search for the name of the note that you would like to add

  2. Click on the correct note

  3. After you've reopened the note, click on the group icon in the note header. Then move the note into the group of your choice - for example, I am adding the note back to the group "Engineering"

  4. Once added to the group, the note will appear back on the home panel under that group.

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