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Integrating your HRIS with Fellow
Integrating your HRIS with Fellow

How does Fellow's HRIS integration work?

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Does your organization use an HRIS (human resources information system) like BambooHR or WorkDay? Fellow can integrate with your HRIS to import your company's org chart!

Why should I do this? 

When you integrate your HRIS system, Fellow is able to import your company's org chart from the HRIS. This means that you will not need to manually invite everyone in your organization and manually assign their managers. 

This also helps keep Fellow up to date as your org chart changes. When you update your HRIS when someone moves teams or leaves, this will automatically update in Fellow. 

How do I do this? 

If you would like to integrate your HRIS with Fellow please send us an email here: All you will need to provide is an API key from your HRIS! 

Currently, Fellow integrates with BambooHR and Workday, and we are consistently adding integrations. If your team uses another HRIS system, contact us to see if that integration is on our roadmap. 

Please note: email aliases do not sync from your HRIS system to Fellow. Make sure that you and your teammates are signed up with Fellow using your email addresses that match your HRIS logins.

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