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Workday integration

How to prepare a report on Workday to synchronize user information to Fellow

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With the Workday integration in Fellow, you are able to import your high-level employee information and reporting structure, directly into your Fellow workspace.

The import will be run daily, so you don’t have to worry about updating user information, manager info, or manually adding and removing users from Fellow.

Prepare your Workday instance

Create a report

First, you need to create a report in Workday that contains all the users and all the fields you want to import into Fellow.

Workday instances and configurations can be rather different. Look for Custom Reports in the Reporting as a Service package (RaaS), and ensure that it is Web Service Enabled. You may need to reach out to your Workday implementation team for help.

Note: If you are a large company and only want to synchronize a subset of your users to Fellow, you need to make sure to add the appropriate filters when generating your report.

You should name your report "Fellow-User-Report". Please ensure that the report contains all of the following fields, as they are necessary to import the users correctly:

  • "id"

  • "email"

  • "title"

  • "full_name"

  • "first_name"

  • "last_name"

  • "department"

  • "manager_id"

Once the report works in Workday, you’ll need to obtain its URL. This will look something like this:

Note: If the last characters read format=csv just replace “csv” with “json”.

Create a dedicated Workday ISU user

You will need to give Fellow access to your Workday report, by giving us a valid username/password to use for logging in.

  • We strongly recommend you create a dedicated non-admin Workday Integration-System-User (ISU) for this, which only has read-permission for the user-data it needs (“principle of least privilege”)

  • When creating the user, check the ‘Do Not Allow UI Sessions’ box to ensure that the ISU cannot be utilized to gain access to the Workday user interface.

  • For security reasons do not give Fellow access to your own workday admin username and password, even if it feels more convenient. Ask your workday tech implementation team for help if in doubt.

Verify that the URL and Workday user work

Open a new "incognito" or "private browsing" tab in your browser, and enter the URL from the report above. This should prompt you to enter a username and password. Enter the credentials you generated in the step above. You should now see (or get prompted to download) a file that contains all the users that Fellow should import. Please make sure it contains all the necessary fields and data.

Send the information to Fellow

Once you have verified the information above, please open a support request with us with the URL for the report generated above, as well as the the username and the password you generated for access to this report. Our team will then set up a nightly automation to go and pull the data from the report, and synchronize the list of users in Fellow with the information from your Workday report.

If you have any questions about this process, contact us and we'll try to provide additional guidance.

Note that we are unable to provide assistance for the specific steps needed within your Workday instance, and that you may need to ask your Workday implementation team for additional support.

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