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Why does Fellow need to integrate with my Calendar?
Why does Fellow need to integrate with my Calendar?
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Integrating your calendar (Outlook or Gmail) means that Fellow can work with your schedule. Fellow is your work co-pilot, and like every good team we need to be in sync!

Here is what happens when you integrate Google Calendar with Fellow: 

Fellow's internal calendar syncs with your Google calendar. 

Your calendar will sync automatically when you first click on the meetings tab, daily at 5:20pm EST, and when you manually sync your calendar. 

You can manually sync your calendar by using the button at the bottom of the meeting calendar page. It may take a few seconds. 

When you calendar is synced, the wheel will stop spinning and state the time of the latest sync. There will also be a grey notification at the bottom of the window. 


When you go into your meetings page you will see all of your meetings in a Calendar view just like you are familiar with. Your meeting notes are organized by meeting in your calendar. This makes it easy to find a meeting to take notes and refer to notes later. 

Because Fellow creates your meeting documents from your calendar, you will not be able to take notes in your team meetings without integrating your calendar. 


You can also sync a 1-on-1 with your calendar by setting the date and time of your 1-on-1 to a meeting in your calendar. This will help keep your 1-on-1 notes organized and synched with the rest of your meetings. 

Once you integrate Fellow with your calendar, all of your tools will work together to help you stay on track and on time ⏰

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