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Why does Fellow need to integrate with my Calendar?
Why does Fellow need to integrate with my Calendar?
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Integrating your calendar (Google Calendar or Microsoft 365) means that Fellow can work with your schedule. Fellow is your work co-pilot, and like every good team we need to be in sync!

Essentially, once you integrate Fellow with your calendar, all of your tools will work together to help you stay on track and on time ⏰

In this article we'll discuss:

How It Works

Here is how the calendar integration works for two of the main components of Fellow - Meetings and 1-on-1s.


When you go into your meetings page you will see all of your meetings in a Calendar view just like your regular calendar. Simply click on a calendar event, and the corresponding notes will open!

For recurring notes, previous meeting notes will appear in one long note series so to see the complete history of that meeting, you just need to scroll down.

If your calendar is not synced with Fellow, this makes it more complicated to find and organize meeting notes. You'll also miss out on some features such as carry-forward, and private notes.


Similar for 1-on-1s, keep all your notes organized by connecting the 1-on-1 with the calendar event. This makes it easy to refer back to past discussions to review previous action items and review what you discussed previously.

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By having your 1-on-1 notes synched with your calendar it also means that your 1-on-1s will show up in the normal Fellow calendar view, which makes it easy to jump from meeting to meeting throughout your day.

Privacy and Security

When you sync your calendar to Fellow, you'll be the only one able to see your entire calendar. While, event attendees will be able to see notes that they have been invited to, they will NOT be able to see calendar events/notes that they were not invited to. Check out this article for more details and specific examples.

The team at Fellow takes security and privacy seriously! We employ many security technologies and industry best practices to ensure that our product and systems stay secure. These include: SOC 2 Type II Compliance, firewalls & encryption on our server infrastructure, and intrusion detection systems. Learn more about our security and compliance practices here.

How to re-sync your calendar to Fellow

Fellow's internal calendar syncs with your external Google or Microsoft 365 calendar. 

Your calendar will sync automatically when you first click on the meetings tab, daily at 5:20pm EST, and when you manually sync your calendar. 

You can manually sync your calendar by using the button at the bottom of the meeting calendar page. It may take a few seconds. When you calendar is synced, the wheel will stop spinning and state the time of the latest sync. There will also be a grey notification at the bottom of the window.

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