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Create a snippet from a recorded call

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With the Fellow Copilot you're easily able to record, transcribe, and summarize your calls but sometimes you may only need to share or revisit a portion of the discussion. Looking for a previous clip? Jump to this section to find out how to locate it!

Step 1: Find the recording

You are able to find calls that you've recorded directly from the associated meeting note (A) or from within your recordings library(B). Once you have located the recording, click into it and head to step two!



Step 2: Locate Clipping

After clicking into the recording, you'll be able to access the full recording, summary, and transcription of the call. You'll also see the option to clip a snippet of the call along the menu of the video.

Step 3: Select your snippet

Using the blue sliders, select the portion of the video you'd like to clip then hit the done icon.

Step 4: Update clip settings

You'll then be prompted to change the name and/or update the visibility settings of this clip based on your needs. This is also where you're

Step 5: Sharing

Once any/all changes have been made, you'll be able to copy the link for this clip and use it as needed

And that's it, you've done it! πŸŽ‰

Where can I find my previous clips?

All previous clippings can be found within the original meeting recap under the Clips tab (A) or from within your Recordings page (B) on the Home Panel:



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