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How Can I Edit Meeting Recording Chapters?
How Can I Edit Meeting Recording Chapters?

Troubleshooting editing Meeting Copilot's chapters

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In order to edit the chapters, you'll need to click on the Meeting Recap in your note and find the Chapter section on the bottom of your recording. After clicking on the "Edit" button, you'll be able to change the chapters and create new ones.

If the format of the chapter is not correct, you'll find this error message:

To fix the error, please remember that the chapters will need to:

  • Have a valid timestamp within the video (it can't exceed the video length).

  • Have a title.

  • Have a unique timestamp.

  • Be at least 5 seconds long when compared to the start time of the following chapter.

Once the format meets these criteria, you should be able to click "Save" and have your new chapters.

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