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Send your Copilot recordings to your teammates

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Share the meeting recordings you get from the Fellow Copilot with anyone. You can set this to be done automatically or just send them manually.

Send your recording automatically

Save time by automating the sharing of your meeting recordings. You'll just have to head into your User settings, and click into the Fellow Copilot tab. From here, select if you would like to auto-share Copilot recordings with:

  1. Yourself and your teammates who are attendees of the associated calendar event

  2. Everybody who is an attendee of the calendar event, including external attendees*

  3. Yourself only

*Sharing the recording with external attendees who are not guest users, will not grant them access to view and collaborate within the meeting note itself.

Send your recording manually

Share a link to your meeting recording by going to your Meeting Recap and clicking on "Share recap". You'll be able to select if you want to make your recording available for your workspace or if you want to give public access. Once you've chosen this, add the emails of the people you want to receive this recording and click on share.

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