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Liven up your meeting notes with live reactions!

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Emoji reactions are now more interactive in Fellow! When added, you will see the emoji float up your screen. There are two ways to add live reactions into your note that will be mentioned below. If you do not want to have live reactions in your notes, you have the option to disable them for your account.

Add Emojis as a Reaction

If you add emoji reactions under any note content in Fellow, you will see the emoji floating up the note with your name under it. To add the emoji reaction, click on the 3 dot menu next to the note content you want to add your emoji reaction to and select Add a reaction.

Once you've done that, there will be an emoji reaction icon under that note content where you can open the emoji menu and add more reactions!

Add a Reaction Button

There will also be a send a reaction button at the bottom of your note which will appear throughout your meeting's duration. You can click on that button to send multiple live reactions to hype up your teammates, celebrate their achievements, and more!

Disable Live Reactions

If you do not want to have live reactions in your note, you can disable it for your account. To disable this feature, head into your User settings and from there go into your Preferences tab. In this section, you will see the option to toggle off Live reactions!

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