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Bring your branding into Fellow with your customized emojis!

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Custom emojis are a great addition to your workspace that can help create consistency with your branding and internal processes. In order to bring your custom emojis into Fellow, you will need to be an administrator on your Fellow workspace.

There are two different options for importing custom emojis, the first is importing them from Slack and the second is simply by uploading a .jpg or .png file directly into your Fellow's workspace settings.

Once you know which method you'd like to use, follow the steps outlined below to bring your custom emojis into Fellow to use in notes and reactions for your entire workspace!

Import Custom Emojis from Slack

Step 1) You'll need to ensure you have the Fellow <> Slack integration enabled

Step 2) Visit your Workspace settings > Emojis

Step 3) Use the Import from Slack option on the top right-hand side of the page to being importing existing custom emojis from Slack

Step 4) You will need to allow the following permissions to Fellow in order for our app to access your Slack workspace's existing custom emojis

Step 5) You will need to proceed with the import

Step 6) You've done it! All of your custom emojis from Slack will now have been imported into Fellow πŸ’ͺ

Upload Custom Emojis

Step 1) Visit your workspace settings > Emojis

Step 2) Click the + Add Emoji icon to get started

Step 3) Upload a .jpg or .png file

Step 4) Give it a name then save

Step 5) View, edit or delete custom emojis via your Workspace settings > Emojis

And voila, you're done! Your emojis are now available to use within any of your Fellow notes and reactions πŸš€

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