Troubleshoot Merging Streams

Troubleshooting tips to merge streams

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Below is information to help you if you're having difficulty merging streams together. Click here if you're trying to merge regular meeting streams, and click here to troubleshoot merging 1-on-1s.

Merging Regular Meeting Streams

The most likely cause of difficulty merging regular streams is partial access to one or both of the streams. Partial permission means that there is at least one meeting note in this series (or stream) that you do not have access to. You will need full access/permission to both meeting streams to successfully merge them.

There are two ways this can be resolved:

  1. Have a teammate with full access to the stream share it with you using the blue share button in the top right corner. To find out who has full access in the stream, click the blue share button and you will see users listed under "Access to all notes" or "Access to some notes". If you do not see the blue share button in the top right corner, this indicates you are in a 1-on-1 stream and can jump to this section for next steps.

  2. The second way to gain full access to a stream is to be added as an attendee to each calendar event associated with the stream. Depending on the number of associated events, you may prefer to go with option 1 for a faster resolution. To confirm which events are associated with the stream, click into stream settings (⚡️) > calendar events.

Merging 1-on-1 Streams

1-on-1 streams have two users within them, and can only be merged with regular meeting streams that have the same two attendees, and no more than that. This is due to the private nature of 1-on-1s, and helps to prevent these notes from accidentally being shared with other users.

Due to this, any additional users in the stream that is not a 1-on-1 will need to be removed to successfully complete the merge.

  1. The users you wish to remove from the meeting stream will need to be removed from any calendar events associated with this meeting stream. If needed, you can check which events are connected to the stream by clicking into stream settings (⚡️) > calendar events.

  2. Once this is complete, click the blue share button in the top right corner and click can edit then select remove from the drop down menu.

Note: If the Can edit button is greyed out and has a lock icon next to it, that would indicate that that the changes you made to the events has not yet synced to Fellow, or that this teammate is still an attendee of one or more associated calendar events. You can resync your calendar to Fellow using the round arrow at the bottom of your left control panel in the meetings view, and then retry.

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