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Add private note series to a 1-on-1 as a tab
Add private note series to a 1-on-1 as a tab

Keep private information you want to remember handy

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As a manager, whenever you're having a 1-on-1 meeting with one of your direct reports, it's important to remember personal details you've discussed before. Having this information on the top of your head is not always easy, so you should write it down to make sure you won't forget anything.

Fellow can help you with this. Creating a private note serie and adding it as a bookmark in your 1-on-1, will help you to have that information in hand and let you focus on other important things.

To add this tab to your 1-on-1, visit that note serie. Underneath the title, you will see the default tab (Notes). Click on the plus button beside this tab to add more tabs.

Then, you can search and choose the private note serie you want to add or create a new note serie for your information:

Now you'll be able to add any notes here! Remember these notes are only available to teammates who have access to that note, so as long as you don't share it with anybody else, this information will remain private.

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