The Meeting Cost Calculator

What it is, how to get it, and steps to customize!

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Ensure all your meetings are high value by getting your team to think consciously about the cost of a meeting.

What is the meeting cost calculator?

The meeting cost calculator displays the calculated meeting cost directly in the Google Calendar event. Depending on your workspace's preference, this meeting cost can be displayed in terms of people hours or money.

Fellow's meeting cost calculator is a feature of our browser extension! Workspace admins have the choice whether to show the cost of each meeting for users with the Fellow Chrome extension

At first, seeing this meeting cost might be a bit disconcerting. However, this doesn't mean that all meetings should be cancelled to save costs - instead, meeting organizers should be empowered with that knowledge so that they can make informed decisions about the length, number of attendees, and recurrence of their meetings. The goal is to limit unproductive meetings, shorten existing meetings by making them more effective, and increase productivity.

Customize the meeting cost calculator for your Workspace

A workspace admin can customize the meeting cost calculator so that workspace members see the meeting cost in either people hours or a dollar value.

Option 1: Monetary

By default, the cost of your meeting will be shown in a dollar value. This is a generic dollar value with no specific denomination.


  1. Visit Workspace Settings > Meeting Guidelines

  2. In the Meeting Cost section, select Monetary from the drop down menu

  3. Input an average annual salary

Option 2: Hours

Admins can choose to shown the meeting cost in person-hours. For example, if the meeting is 30 mins and there are 3 attendees, the cost would be 1.5 person hours. [Only available for workspaces on Pro, Business, or Enterprise plans]


  1. In Workspace Settings -> Meeting Guidelines, select hours from the drop down menu under the Meeting cost heading

  2. Select Hours from the drop down

  3. Once chosen, you will no longer see the option to input an annual salary.

Who can see the cost meeting calculator?

The cost meeting calculator will only show within the Fellow Chrome extension for users with your workspace domain. If you have any external attendees to a meeting, they won't have access to this information.

How can I turn off the meeting cost calculator?

If you are just looking to disable the meeting cost calculator for yourself, click on the settings icon (โš™๏ธ) next to the meeting cost.

Click on the Hide meeting cost calculator checkbox. Then click on the X in the right hand corner and return to your calendar event.

If you are an admin on the Pro, Business, or Enterprise plan, you can turn off the calculator for your entire workspace by going to Workspace Settings --> Meeting Guidelines.

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