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Generate an AI meeting agenda
Generate an AI meeting agenda

Use AI to generate a meeting agenda based on a calendar event description or meeting purpose

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Note: This is currently a beta feature so this feature may not be available on your workspace. Please contact the support team for more information

Creating an agenda template for a meeting can be challenging - how do you ensure that you have a good structure/flow to the meeting while also including all the relevant topics to be discussed? Good news - Fellow is here to take some of the guess work out of agenda creation!

Our Agenda Builder is built to help you generate headings and talking points for your meeting based off of the title of the meeting and the calendar description.


Because of the flexibility of the agenda builder, we'll organize the following steps into phases:

  1. getting started (i.e turning the agenda builder on)

  2. selecting and customizing suggested headings

  3. generating talking points.

Phase 1: Getting started

If you are looking to generate an agenda for a new meeting, click on the calendar event in Fellow. This will open a blank note with three ways to start building your agenda. Click AI-generated agenda

If you do not see those options, no problem. Click on the three dots in the upper right hand corner of the note and click Use AI generated agenda.

Phase 2: Adding topics and headings

You're now ready to start building your agenda! Right away you'll see some headings start to be generated within the note itself. These are just suggestions, you can choose which headings you would like to add to your agenda and which ones to leave out.

To help ensure that the suggestions are as accurate as possible, add more information in the description box on the right hand side. Here you can also choose which tone of voice is most appropriate: Casual, Neutral, or Formal. Then press Regenerate.

If you don't see this on your right hand side, click on the settings icon next to the Done button to see this menu.

To add a heading to your agenda, simply click on the text. Suggested headings that have not been added to the agenda will have a purple icon and a purple box around them. The heading will appear black once added to your agenda.

Phase 3: Adding talking points

Once you've added a heading into your agenda, you'll also have the ability to view related talking points and add those into the agenda as well.

You'll see the first suggestion right away - click on the talking point to add it to your agenda. You can also click "View more" to see an expanded variety of talking points.

Repeat this process for each heading that you've suggested. Now remember, you don't need to add in any of these talking points.

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