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Import your Hugo data into Fellow
Import your Hugo data into Fellow
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If you've been using Hugo to organize your meetings, you’re likely now looking for a new option now as Hugo will be shutting down in November 2022. To make the transition to Fellow nice and easy, we’ve written this help article to help you get up and running as quickly as possible and stay on top of your meetings by importing your existing notes!

Our Hugo Import Tool is available to Fellow users on any plan, and will quickly import all of your Docs and Tasks data from Hugo so that you can continue your meetings where you left off. You can find it here:

How to import your Hugo data into Fellow

Importing your Hugo data into Fellow is done in three easy steps:

  1. Create a Fellow account.

  2. Export your Hugo data.

  3. Upload the .zip file to our import tool.

Export your Hugo data

To export your Hugo data, visit your Hugo account and select the new "Export account data" option in the account dropdown, shown below.

This will open a dialog that presents a few options to export your data. Only Admins in Hugo will have the ability to export "Team data", and this only exports data that that particular admin has visibility into (it will not export any data that they couldn't previously see in Hugo). Select either Personal or Team data, and export either with the "Raw CSV" option, which is the only format that our importer supports.

Import your data into Fellow

Once you have created a Fellow account, navigate to our import tool to get started: You'll see the following screen, which confirms the email address and Fellow workspace that you're currently logged into. If you have multiple Fellow workspaces, make sure that you're importing into the correct one!

Click the "Choose File" button and select the .zip file that was exported from Hugo, then hit Submit. Your import will start in the background, and your account will start being populated with all of your old notes! 🎉

When the import is done, you'll see a confirmation page listing all of the notes that were imported, and any that couldn't be imported.

How the import works

There are some key differences between Hugo and Fellow which affect how we import notes. While in Hugo you might be able to see notes for meetings that you haven't been invited to by default, Fellow only gives you access to meeting notes where you're on the invitation. Hugo's data export also doesn't include all docs that you were a part of, it only includes docs that you created. These two factors mean that there might appear to be some notes missing in Fellow, or docs that fail to import. The more people that upload their Hugo exports to the Fellow workspace, the more notes will appear for you too for any shared meetings!

While the importer doesn't support all Hugo-specific features, all note formatting (indents, bold text, etc) will be preserved in Fellow.

Tasks in Hugo will be added to the appropriate meeting note in Fellow as Action Items.

Need Help?

If you need help with this transition, don't hesitate to reach out to us at and we'd be happy to assist you.

To get your team up and running on Fellow, connect with us at for a quote for your workspace!

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