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Connect your Linear integration
Connect your Linear integration

How to set up the Linear <> Fellow integration

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Fellow's Linear integration is a user-level integration where you can create, import, and manage Linear issues from Fellow.

Note: this integration is a Pro plan (and above) feature

If you interested in connecting a specific stream with Linear, jump to this section below


  1. Navigate to User settings

  2. Click on Apps & integrations and scroll to the Automation section. Here you'll see the Linear card as well as the rest of our user-level automation integrations.

  3. Click on the three dots in the upper right hand corner of the Linear card and press Connect

  4. Review the permissions and press Authorize Fellow.

  5. You'll now see a confirmation notification across the bottom of the screen. The card will also show Connected.

Connect a stream to Linear

If you have a specific stream that corresponds to a Linear Team (and project) , you can set it up so that all action items created in this stream are automatically created and edited as issues in Linear.

To do this:

  1. Visit the relevant stream

  2. Click on three dots in the upper right hand corner. Select Stream settings from the drop down

  3. Then select Integrations from the side bar. Click on Linear

  4. Select the Linear team that you would like to sync with the stream. Specify a Project, Cycle, and/or Status. (this specificity is optional, you don't need it to complete set-up)

    Then determine the status of action items in Linear. For example, if I have an unchecked, incomplete action item in Fellow then the linked Linear issue will have the Triage status. Complete action items in Fellow will have the Published status.

  5. Press Connect.

Note: if you haven't installed the Linear integration yet, you will need to do so before setting up the Stream settings.

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