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Asynchronous Meetings

Get your async meetings up and running with Fellow!

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Asynchronous meetings can be useful to cut down on your meeting time while keeping everybody on the same page. Fellow has two great options for running asynchronous meetings effectively and efficiently! Check out the options below to see what works best for you and your workspace:

Recurring Asynchronous Meetings Using Automations

As the meeting organizer, The first thing you’ll need to do is create a recurring calendar event and everybody who you would like to participate in adding to the notes as well as those who will receive the notes once everybody has submitted their points. Once the invite has been sent out, head over to the event in Fellow and set a template for your meeting notes so your team can easily add their points in an organized way! You can create your own or choose from Fellow’s library of expert approved templates.

💡 Tip: If you do not want this interfering with your calendar’s availability, we’d suggest making the time slot before or after your hours of operation. Alternatively, you can leave this as an open event so you and your team are still able to accept other meeting invites during this time.

Once these steps are completed, you’ll want to add some automations to help maximize your efficiency! To get these set up, click on the lightning bolt icon to launch:

We’d suggest using both the pre-meeting reminder as well as the post meeting recap and configuring them to timelines that work best for your organization based on the timing of these meetings in your calendar.

Recurring Asynchronous Meetings Using Other Note Series

If creating a recurring calendar event does not work for you, the other option would be to create a separate note series under the “streams” section within your Fellow account and set a template within that note series.

While creating this note series, you’ll be asked to input who you would like to include within this series. Whoever is being shared on this series will have access to both view and edit:

If you’ve created a note series and need to add participants at a later time, you can adjust this by clicking on the share icon towards the top right of the series and edit as needed:

You and your team will then be able to contribute to this note and use the “send notes” function once everybody has submitted their notes and anybody shared on this series will receive a copy. You can then use the new note icon to start a new note and begin your next asynchronous meeting!

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