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Highlight the basics of Fellow's in-meeting timer

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A common pet peeve of meeting attendees is when a meeting goes over time.

One way you can stay on track as a meeting facilitator is with a meeting timer.

In this article, we'll be answering these questions:

What is the Fellow meeting timer? And how does it work?

In Fellow, once the meeting starts you'll see a countdown clock under the title of the note. This will reflect the amount of time remaining in the meeting and will countdown as the meeting progresses.

When there is only 5 minutes remaining in the meeting, the countdown clock will turn orange. This is essentially a prompt to wrap up the meeting and end with action items

If your meeting goes overtime, Fellow shows that as well

What happens when I click End meeting or End meeting early?

If you're on a paid plan, clicking end meeting/end meeting early will trigger a small surprise πŸ˜€ . You'll also be prompted to give feedback about the meeting. Meeting feedback is great for the organizer to have an idea how the meeting is going and how it can be improved. Regularly exchanging feedback about your meetings can help end the cycle of bad meetings.

If you are not on a paid plan, clicking on end meeting/end meeting early will stop the timer, and you'll get a notification at the bottom of the screen showing that your meeting has ended. Enjoy the minutes saved!

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