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How to exclude calendars from Fellow
How to exclude calendars from Fellow

Calendar management for multiple calendars

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It’s possible that you have multiple calendars but do not want to sync them all to Fellow, we see this often with personal calendars or calendars that are used primarily for tasks and work block periods. To be sure that Fellow is only pulling the calendars that you’d like to manage, head over to your user settings which can be found by clicking on your company’s logo on the top left-hand corner:

Once under your user settings, click into preferences on the left menu bar. Here you’ll be able to see the calendars that you have set to sync with Fellow. To remove one of them, make sure the corresponding box is not selected to apply this to your Fellow settings.

By default, Fellow will only pull in a single calendar so for any additional calendars you can also manage this by following the same steps but making sure the corresponding boxes are checked.

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