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What happens when your workspace exceeds the 10 user limit on the Free plan?
What happens when your workspace exceeds the 10 user limit on the Free plan?

There are four options for what to do next

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There is a 10 user limit on Free plans, so you might have seen this warning:

So what does this mean? And what are the next steps?

Option A: So no one loses access, upgrade to the Pro plan with unlimited users

Any user can visit the Workspace Settings --> Plans & Billing section and upgrade immediately. Once the account has been upgraded, the message will disappear and you'll unlock added features of the Pro plan.

Option B: Someone manually disables users until there are only 10 in the workspace

To disable users, visit the Workspace Settings --> Manage Users section and disable users until there are only 10 marked enabled. (Full instructions for disabling users can be found here)

Option C: Speak to your account manager to discuss other options

Depending on the situation, you might be hesitant to upgrade right away. This might because you only want to upgrade some (not all) of the people on your workspace. Or you want to learn more about plan options. Or maybe you just have a question.

Regardless, our account managers would be happy to help. Just message the chat, and we'll connect you with the right account manager.

Option D: Do nothing and wait until Fellow automatically disables users

Two weeks after the initial warning, Fellow will start automatically disabling users on your workspace.

IMPORTANT: This does NOT mean that any notes will be deleted. Instead these notes just won't be accessible to disabled users.

On the more technical side, a disabled user will see an error message when they try to log-in. And they will receive an email from us.

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