The Asana integration is at the User level - meaning that every member of your team will need to connect their Asana account if they would like.

Note: this is a Pro and Organization level feature

To set-up, go to User Settings --> Integrations and select the Asana option in the top row.

This will then lead to a page explaining the integration, with a "Connect" button in the upper right hand corner.

You will be then be prompted to log into your Asana account

Once the log-in is complete and the connection is successful, you will see a notification confirming this.

The next part of set-up is to select the Asana project where you would like your action items to appear/update.

There is the option to sync any pre-existing action items over to that list.

If you are syncing all your action items, Fellow will take a few minutes to complete the sync.

If you would like to Disconnect this integration, there is the option to do so in the upper right hand corner of the Integration page.

And you will be able to change the linked Asana project at any time.

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