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What happens when I cancel my subscription?
What happens when I cancel my subscription?

Learn what happens when you cancel your Pro, Business or Enterprise subscription

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Once you cancel the subscription to your paid plan, you’ll lose access to the paid features. But don't worry, your data is safe; we never delete the data locked behind a paywall.

Note: If you cancel in the middle of your subscription, you will still have access to the paid features until the scheduled end of the subscription period. You will no longer have access to pro features after the subscription period has ended.

On a per feature basis, here's what will happen:

When you cancel a Pro subscription:

  • Due dates will remain locked at their last-set date;

  • Note versions will not be accessible;

  • Premium integrations will not be accessible and will no longer sync with Fellow (JIRA, Asana, Zapier);

  • No longer able to share meeting notes, but existing shared meeting notes will remain accessible;

  • Cannot create new notes on meeting notes;

  • Cannot add new Guest Users, and existing guests will lose access;

  • Cannot create new Comments or threads. Existing comments will still be visible and you will still be able to reply to an existing thread;

  • Cannot enable Public Links, existing links will be disabled (no longer public) so when a user tries to re-access a meeting, they'll see a 404 page.

When you cancel a Business subscription:

  • Cannot access Pro features as described above;

  • Cannot create new Employee Guidance, but existing guidance will remain visible;

  • Cannot Lock or Unlock notes. Existing locked notes will still appear locked and can't be unlocked;

  • Cannot create Company-wide note templates, but existing templates will remain accessible;

  • No longer able to view Workspace Analytics

  • Cannot create Feedback requests if they were added as an add-on to your plan, but existing requests and drafts will remain accessible;

  • Cannot create Company-wide feedback templates, but existing templates will remain accessible if they were added as an add-on;

  • You will no longer able to use Teams and OKRs if they were added as an add-on;

When you cancel an Enterprise subscription:

  • Cannot access Business features and add-ons if included in your plan as described above

  • You will no longer be able to use the Delegate access feature;

  • Cannot access Okta or Onelogin

  • No longer able to connect to HRIS and managing users will become manual.

If you're wondering how much time you have left until your downgrade kicks in, you can check that from your Plans & billing page in Workspace settings. Only administrators will be able to access this information and cancel the downgrade.

Furthermore, we limit Free workspaces to a maximum of 10 enabled users, and Pro workspaces to a maximum of 50. If your workspace is over the 10/50 user limit, your team will see the following banner in Fellow:

At this point, every team member will still have access to the workspace. However, we strongly urge workspace administrators to reduce the number of enabled users to 10, or upgrade to Pro.

Feel free to contact support if you have any questions about your downgrade.

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