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What happens when my trial ends?
What happens when my trial ends?
Transitioning from a paid trial to our Free plan
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Once your trial ends, your workspace will be downgraded to our Free plan. If you're wondering how much time you have left on your trial, there's a handy indicator in the left-hand navigation bar.

The most noticeable change will be the loss of access to Fellow's pro features. Don't worry, your data is safe; we never delete the data locked behind a paywall. On a per feature basis, the following will happen:

  • Due dates will remain locked at their last-set date;

  • Note versions will not be accessible;

  • Cannot create Feedback requests, but existing requests and drafts will remain accessible;

  • No longer able to Share streams, but existing shared streams will remain accessible;

  • Cannot create new notes on Shared streams;

  • Cannot create Company-wide feedback & note templates, but existing templates will remain accessible;

Furthermore, we limit Free workspaces to a maximum of 10 active users. If your trial end and your workspace is over the 10 user limit, your team will see the following banner in Fellow:

At this point, every team member will still have access to the workspace. However, we strongly urge workspace administrators to reduce the number of active users to 10, or upgrade to Pro.

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