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How can I only pay for my team?
How can I only pay for my team?
When you're looking to use Fellow with your immediate team
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Fellow is better with teammates; while we recommend getting your entire organization on the same workspace, we know that it's not always possible. When you're looking to pay for your immediate team, you have a couple options available.

If you're the creator or an administrator of your workspace, you can deactivate the users who aren't on your direct team. Since they are no longer active, you won't be charged for those users. While they will be able to create new workspaces, they will lose access to your workspace (although no data is deleted).

However, if you're not an administrator of your workspace, you can create a new workspace and invite your team, or have them self-signup. Fellow allows you to belong to multiple workspaces, so your team won't lose access to their notes on the original workspace.

While we don't currently support it, we are working on the ability to securely transfer data between workspaces. If you have any questions about billing, don't hesitate to reach out!

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