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Connect an Integration
Connect an Integration

Set up your Fellow account to integrate with your other tools!

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Fellow offers a variety of integrations so you can connect your other productivity tools to your Fellow account. In this article we'll cover:

User level integrations only impact tools integrated within your user account whereas workspace level integrations are configured by administrators for every user in the workspace to access.

Connecting user level integrations

Through your workspace logo, head over into user settings > apps and integrations. After you've found the integration you'd like to connect, hover over the place card for the triple dot menu to appear then click connect:

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After clicking connect, you'll be prompted to follow instructions depending on the integration to ensure you're able to successfully connect your Fellow account to your other tooling.

Connecting workspace level integrations

Note: Only an administrator can connect or disconnect workspace level integrations.

Using your workspace logo, select workspace settings from the dropdown menu followed by clicking into the integrations page. From here, select the integration you're looking to configure, click connect, and follow any additional prompts to secure the connection.

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