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Automatically Install Fellow Outlook Add-in for All Users
Automatically Install Fellow Outlook Add-in for All Users

Instructions for Microsoft Administrator to automatically install the Fellow Outlook Add-in for all employees.

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A great way to encourage adoption quickly across your organization is to have the Microsoft Administrator do an org-wide deploy of the Fellow Outlook Add-in. If desired, you can customize the process to select only some Organizational Units for the preinstallation.

Note: this add-in will only function properly if it is force installed as an administrator-managed deployment.


  1. In the admin centre, head to the Settings > Integrated apps > Add-ins page.

    Deploy New Add-in

  2. Select Deploy Add-in at the top of the page, and then select Next.

  3. Select the Choose from the Store option.

    Deploy Add-in location

  4. Search for and select the Fellow for Outlook add-in and accept the terms and conditions to proceed.

  5. On the next page, select Everyone, Specific users/groups, or Just me to specify who the add-in is deployed to.

    Select Users

  6. Then click on the Deploy button.

  7. Once the add-in is deployed, a green tick will appear. You can then follow the on-page instructions to test the add-in.

  8. When finished, select Next. If you've deployed to just yourself, you can select Change who has access to add-in to deploy to more users.

โ€‹For more information on automatic installs of extensions, visit Microsoft's article here.

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