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Why didn't the copilot join my call?
Why didn't the copilot join my call?

Troubleshooting issues with the Meeting Copilot joining your call

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The Meeting Copilot is set to ask for permission to join your meeting in order to start recording and transcribing it. It will stay during 5 minutes waiting to be let into the meeting. However if this fails, it will leave the meeting and you won't receive the recording or transcription for this event.

In order to make sure that you're accepting the Meeting Copilot into your call and that it works properly, you might want to confirm that the permissions to allow the Fellow Meeting Copilot to join your meeting are set up correctly. This will change depending on your call provider, but here are some things you can check to make sure everything is ready to go smoothly:

Using Zoom as your call provider:

  • Make sure that you have local recordings enabled on Zoom.

  • You'll also need to check that the meeting host is there to allow the Meeting Copilot to record through the pop-up that will appear in the call.

You'll find details about these processes in the following article.

Using Google Meet as your call provider:

If the host controls have been enabled on a Google Meet call and the host isn't in the call, the Meeting Copilot won't be able to ask for permission to be admitted, and your meeting will not be recorded.

Just make sure to turn this off if you're the host of the meeting:

If you've checked these permissions, and you're still having problems with the Meeting Copilot joining your calls, you can contact us at

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