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3. For Administrators: Set Up Your Workspace
Enable the Zoom app for all users in your workspace
Enable the Zoom app for all users in your workspace

Make the Zoom <> Fellow extension easily accessible for all users in your workspace

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The Zoom app can be installed on a per user basis, but if you are the administrator of your Zoom account you can make the Fellow Zoom App easily accessible for all users within your workspace to create consistency across your meetings.

Zoom Administrators can add any user-level app on behalf of all users on their accounts. Simply follow the steps below to get Fellow automatically added to any of your Zoom workspace's user accounts:

  1. Sign in to the Zoom App Marketplace as an admin or owner.

  2. Search for Fellow

  3. To the right of the app name, click Add for Others.
    The app authorization page is displayed, providing details on required app permissions.
    ​Note: If app approval is required, the app must be approved before it can be added.

  4. At the top of the page under the As an admin, add __ for section, choose all users to bring this to every user within your Zoom workspace or you can select specific users via the users option.

  5. Click Allow to authorize the app for the selected user(s). Once added, users will see a notification in the Zoom desktop app.

And there you go! All of your Zoom users are now set up to get their Fellow account connected to all of your Zoom meetings πŸš€

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